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Best Tips for Moving Furniture

Man using Dolly to move furniture

If you are moving in the near future then you know that a great deal of preparation is in order. If you want to use your time efficiently, discovering useful tips for packing and moving will be very helpful.

Because we want to make sure that your move is effective as possible, we are happy to offer several tips for moving furniture. This may be one of the most difficult aspects of moving, as furniture is often one of the heaviest items you may need to move.

How To Move Furniture 101

When you are ready to move your furniture into your truck, whether it is a U-Haul or otherwise, you can follow a few tricks to help make it easier, especially if you don’t have enough people with strength to lift the heavier items.

Whether you are just rearranging furniture in your home, or moving to another home, lifting heavy furniture may be dangerous if you don’t lift it properly. To protect your back, take advantage of these handy tips below to help you easily move furniture.

Empty Your Furniture

This may seem obvious, but it is worth stating in case it slips your mind. To make moving your items easier, such as bookshelves, dresser and other belongings with drawers, you will want to be sure to take everything that is stored inside of the furniture out. It will make it lighter for you to lift and is especially helpful if you are moving it by yourself.

Use Blankets

Blankets are a great asset when you need to move furniture by yourself or only with one other person. They are multi-purposed, as they can assist in moving and protecting your furniture.

For moving, spread out the blanket and gently lay the piece of furniture, such as a dresser, desk, table, or otherwise, on the blanket. Then you will take the ends of the blanket and drag it from the room to wherever your destination is.

If you want to protect your furniture, wrapping them with quilted or thick blankets will help protect them from getting dings or scratches.

Furniture Moving Equipment

If you want to ensure that moving your furniture will be easy, invest in either renting or borrowing the proper equipment, such as a dolly and straps to keep it stable. You may also use sliders, which makes moving it around effortless. If you would like to wrap your furniture to ensure its safe keeping once on the truck, you will want to be sure you get enough packing paper and tape, unless you would rather use blankets. However, you may run out of blankets, and having packing tape and paper will be just as useful.

How To Carry Tall Items

If you are moving a dresser, bookshelf or otherwise that is tall, make sure to have two people handle the job. Make sure you are on both ends and that one side is higher than the other to help balance the weight and make it easier.

Because moving furniture is a large task that you may not have the time or energy for, it is always beneficial to acquire professional help if needed. This will save you time to pack other items and spare your back. We hope you have a successful and effortless move!


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