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What Should You Leave Behind & Keep During Your Move?

Moving boxes and furniture in new homeWhen you are moving to a new location, you often reach a point where you wonder, “What should I take with me?” When you are packing, you go through years of your life in just a matter of days. You revisit good memories and bad memories as you sort through your belongings.

Just like memories, we have to decide which of our belongings to keep with us and which to leave behind.

Although this process can be emotional, we have found it to be very rewarding. Below, we have compiled a list of items that we have seen our clients keep and leave behind.

Items to Keep


This may be an obvious item to keep, but it is something to consider. Rather than going through the process of selling your car, being without a car for the move, then having to purchase a new car after your move can be an added stress that you may not want during a move. Moving cars across the country is easier than you might think. You can either have it shipped, or drive it yourself.

When you move internationally, this might be something to reconsider. You must take into account overseas car policies, laws, and licenses to ensure that you can bring your vehicle with you.

Photos & Other Mementos

No matter where you are moving, keeping photos and mementos with you is a must. Having a special photo or trinket will be the perfect reminder of home when you need it most.

One thing to consider is how many photos and mementos that you can keep with you. Take into consideration your new storage capabilities. If you have large amounts of memorabilia, you may want to consider a storage facility.


If you have made any investments in precious art, you should keep them with you. Art is easy to ship, but hard to find. Hang on to the pieces that you love, because you will never know what you what you will or won’t find in your new location.

Items to Leave Behind

Furniture 10+ Years Old

Moving furniture can be a difficult process, especially overseas. If your furniture has tears, dents, or isn’t of the best quality, you should probably consider leaving it behind. Chances are, you will be able to find furniture in better condition, and that works better for the layout of your home in your new location.

If you are moving to a busy city, it is important to consider what moving furniture will require from you.

Will you have parking?
Will you be able to get furniture in your home on your own?
Will the moving company be able to safely function in heavy traffic?

It is important to ask yourself these questions to determine if moving your outdated furniture is actually worth it for you.

Accent Decor

Although you may love the smell of your potpourri, it’s time to leave it behind. Little accents like potpourri, fake greenery, and other trinkets make for clutter in your moving process. These are relatively inexpensive objects that can be easily replaced when you make it to your new location. Shopping for new accent decor can be a great way to explore your new town. You can find new decor for your home while learning more about the city you live in.

Clothes You No Longer Wear

We find that many of our customers cling on to old clothes when they move. Your closet is the easiest place to start when you are looking to downsize during a move. You can easily leave behind piles and piles of clothes. This not only saves room when packing, but will also make room for new clothes.


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