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Classic Moves team Moving team carrying boxes View of packed cardboard boxes in living room of a new home Moving is exhausting and time-consuming. Unpacking can take weeks and sometimes longer. We are committed to making your move as simple as possible. Use our professional unpacking service and Classic Moves will help you get settled into your new space. Whether you need our assistance until every last moving box is unpacked and put away or you simply want support for just a few hours, we will make every effort to accommodate you.

How We Can Help

Many people underestimate how long it takes to unpack after a move. If you were unable to get extra time off from work, consider hiring Classic Moves to help with the aftermath of your move. We will do all the unpacking for you so you are able to get settled. If you want us to unpack the boxes and leave all the belongings in a certain area, we are here to accommodate your every need. We will also unpack all of your moving boxes, unwrap all of the items and put all the items away. We will organize your entire house from the kitchen cabinets to the linen closet. Our movers are trained and experienced in packing and unpacking houses, offices and storage rooms. We will assemble furniture, hang pictures on the wall and put the sheets on your bed.

How Will We Know Where Everything Goes?

All of our movers are professionals and have unpacked and organized numerous households. Before your move, we will discuss all of the specifics pertaining to the services you requested. We will develop a plan of action and outline for your new space and belongings.

Packing and unpacking can be stressful and time-consuming. Give us a call at Classic Moves and rest assured that your items will be carefully unpacked and organized in your new space in a timely manner.