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Moving day can be stressful. Classic Moves can help reduce the stress, but your help and preparation is key. The following guide will help you prepare for your move.

  1. Pick a moving date: Find a date that works for everybody. If you have kids or if you are working, be sure to choose a weekend or summer date.

  2. Decide how to move: Will you hire a moving company to help? Will you sign up for a full service move with packing services? If you are short on time, you need a full service moving company and Classic Moves can help.

  3. Estimate your moving cost: After our initial meeting, we will provide you with a detailed estimate. However, you need to calculate all of your pre and post-moving costs.

  4. Change your address before your move: Go to the U.S. Post Office and have them forward your mail to your new address. Magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions are only forwarded for the first 60 days, so be sure to update your address as soon as possible. Make sure you notify the DMV of your change of address. You will also have to re-register to vote with your updated address.

  5. Transfer your utilities: Gather your billing statements for all the services you wish to transfer and call the customer service number.

Give us a call or visit the Request An Estimate page and one of our team members will help you get started.