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At Classic Moves, we are proud to be a full service moving company, assisting you with any of your moving needs from packing, to moving, to storage and more! Because we know that moving can be a large ordeal and potentially stressful without proper preparation, we are happy to provide you with several tips, and a moving guide to help you achieve a seamless and efficient move.

Packing Tips

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As professional movers, we are proud to provide our customers with excellent moving services. To reduce the time, cost and stress of your move, have your drawn out floor plan on hand so that our movers can place your furniture in the right place. Since we care about our customers’ complete satisfaction, we are pleased to share our expert packing tips with you for a seamless move.


Moving Guide

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Because we understand that moving day can be overwhelming and stressful, Classic Moves wants to help reduce your stress by providing helpful tips. We know that preparation is key for a smooth and successful move. Our professional experts are here to assist you with any services you need, but in the meantime, we have compiled a fantastic moving guide to help you prepare for your move.


Moving Blog

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At Classic Moves we understand that moving can be an overwhelming process, especially if it’s your first time moving, which is why we are pleased to provide you with interesting and insightful information with everything related to moving! From packing, to packing materials, to moving, to storage, to unpacking and so much more, discovering insider tips and tricks are always beneficial.