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Moving Company Services

5 Useful Types of Services Offered by Movers

Movers bringing boxes into a new homeFor many people, being able to call a moving company to take care of moving personal belongings, furniture, and equipment to a new home or workspace is a huge relief. The process of packing up and moving can be a painstaking ordeal that most people are more than happy to have taken off of their hands. What many people don’t realize however, is that movers can help take care of several other aspects of the moving process as well.

What do movers do?

If you ask people the question, “What do moving services do?” Most of the time, their answer will be quite simple: “They move stuff”–Duh! While this is true of course, good moving companies offer much more than simply transporting goods from point A to point B. Here are 5 useful services a full-service moving company will offer:

  1. Moving Services
  2. As everyone knows, the primary service offered by moving companies is providing the physical transportation of items from one place to another. Put quite simply, movers move stuff! More specifically, however, moving services offer several moving services that include residential moving (moving furniture and personal items between homes), commercial moving (moving equipment, supplies, and other items for businesses), and specialized moving services for fragile and valuable items like antiques, sculptures and artwork). Moving services take the chore of moving goods off people’s hands and into those of trained professionals.

  3. Packing Services
  4. Oftentimes just as tedious as moving items is packing them up and then unpacking them once they have been moved to their final destination. Movers that provide packing, unpacking, and packing supplies supplies can save you lots of time and energy while ensuring that all of your belongings arrive at their destination safely and in one piece.

  5. Storage Services
  6. Suppose you are planning to move in the near future but you need a safe place to keep all of your belongings until you’re all settled. In this case, storage services may be the solution. Full-service moving companies like Classic Moves also offer safe storage for your belongings.

  7. Delivery Services
  8. Perhaps you have no plans to move your home or place of business any time soon but you need the trustworthy and reliable delivery of furniture or other items for your home, business, or showroom. Hiring movers that offer delivery services might be the solution you are seeking. Experienced movers will ensure that your furniture arrives on time and undamaged.

  9. Moving Insurance

Hiring a licensed and insured moving company can give you peace of mind. Having moving insurance can help you rest assured that the movers will make the safe and careful handling of your belongings their highest quality.

Full-Service Professional Movers in Houston, Texas

Classic Moves has been providing quality professional moving services in the Houston area since 2002. The Classic Moves team prides itself on making customer satisfaction their #1 priority and offers a full range of moving, packing, storage, and delivery services in addition to moving insurance.



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