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What You Need to Know About Furniture Delivery

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Buying New Furniture?

Are you looking into buying new furniture for your home or office? While you’re considering materials, colors, and patterns, you’ll also want to consider how you’ll get the furniture from point A to point B. A furniture delivery service may be in your best interest, especially if you live in an apartment or will need help moving and assembling your new purchase.

What to Consider When Buying New Furniture

For most people, their primary concerns when buying furniture include price, quality, style, and comfort. While these are all important considerations, there are a few more crucial factors to think over. Many of the other factors have to do with the practicality of a furniture purchase.

Here are some other important factors to consider before completing a furniture purchase:

  • Size and measurements—You’ll want to take measurements of your space before you start browsing furniture options. Don’t just “eyeball” the size of a couch or dresser. You want to be sure it will fit in the space it’s intended to go.
  • How will you get it into your house? Consider how much assistance you’ll need, any difficult stairways, and the size of doorways and hallways. This may be especially difficult if you live in an apartment building.
  • Will you need help assembling the furniture? If you don’t have the right tools, strength, or assistance, you may be in trouble if your furniture requires assembly.
  • Protecting your purchase—From the time the furniture leaves the warehouse to the time it’s assembled in its place, you’ll want your furniture in top condition.

If you have any concerns with the above factors, you may want to consider a furniture delivery service. By enlisting the help of a licensed and experienced moving company, your new furniture will be delivered and ready to use in no time.

The Benefits of Furniture Delivery

With manufacturer or store delivery services, common complaints include:

  • Furniture arrived damaged
  • Deliverers wouldn’t assemble items
  • Deliverers wouldn’t go up the stairs
  • Furniture was never delivered due to living in an apartment building

You’ll see the following benefits when you leave the work to a professional delivery company:

  • The delivery service will be handled by licensed, experienced, and professional movers
  • Your furniture will be received, uncrated, inspected, and transferred to your home or office
  • The entire process will be completed carefully, to ensure everything is on time and damage-free
  • Your furniture will be unpacked and assembled as necessary
  • A furniture delivery company can pick up your furniture directly from the warehouse or showroom to save you time and money

How to Prepare Your Home or Office for a Furniture Delivery

Once your furniture delivery is scheduled, you’ll want to prepare your home or office for the arrival. You can do this by taking measurements of the items and your doorways to find the best route into your home. Make sure the area is clear and easily accessible, giving the movers enough space to move and assemble the items. Take down any pictures or wall decorations in the delivery path to protect your belongings.

New furniture can make a statement, complete a room, and bring people together. Let us help you make the process of buying new furniture as smooth as possible. Click below to learn about the professional furniture delivery services offered by Classic Moves.



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